Campaign Types

Campaign Types


  • A marketing initiative to encourage people to come to a web site and perform one or more desired actions
  • A marketing effort to promote awareness of a product, service, or other offering through  one or more media channels
  • Sitecore users can filter analytics data by campaign

Online Campaigns

  • Consist of a campaign definition item and a campaign event
  • Usually require users to click on an advertisement or otherwise visit a website and perform a targeted action
  • Results can be measured and tracked immediately
  • Campaign management is used to determine which messages or offerings are more appealing to the target audience
  • Supported by Sitecore Analytics

Offline Campaigns

  • Consist of a campaign definition item, a campaign event, and a landing page that can be reached from an alias
  • Use the Content Editor to associate the campaign event with a landing page to activate it
  • Supported by Sitecore Analytics

Campaign Links

  • A field in a campaign definition item that ensures site visits generated by the campaign are recorded in the analytics system
  • Contains a campaign query string
  • The query string links to your home page by default, but can be edited to point to a different page
  • Append the query to the link to your Web site provided on the sponsored site
  • If the link already includes a query, prefix the string with an ampersand (&)
  • If the link does not include a query, prefix the string with a question mark (?)