Conversion Tracking

Conversion Tracking


  • An event that moves a visitor on a site toward an identified mission critical activity that has a measurable value to the organization
  • Occurs when a prospective customer takes an intended action
  • Recorded by Sitecore when a visitor navigates to a page that has an assigned goal
  • Digital Marketing System (DMS) uses goals to track and measure how visitors engage with a website

Conversion Examples

  • Visitor purchases something online
  • Visitor calls to buy an item
  • Visitor fills out a lead form
  • Visitor provides email address
  • Visitor schedules a phone consultation
  • Visitor signs up for a newsletter 
  • Visitor accepts a free offer 
  • Visitor clicks link to an affiliated site

Conversion Guidelines

  • Express the conversion goal for the site clearly and consistently
  • Provide content, including text and graphics, that supports the conversion goal
  • Provide a site with good usability that reduces the barriers to the conversion goal
  • Provide a good site navigation structure to help users find the conversion goal
  • Increase the visitor trust level by using trust logos and good site design
  • Use Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA ) to move the user through the conversion funnel