Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence (SI)

  • The technologies and practices for collecting and analyzing contextually relevant customer and product information
  • Provides real-time analysis of current sales data
  • Goal is to deliver relevant and actionable information to drive business
    • Help salespeople keep up-to-date with clients and prospect data 
    • Improve the quality and quantity of sales leads

Sitecore Support for Sales Intelligence

  • Content profiles provide a better understanding of visitor behavior and actions on a site
    • Marketing staff create content profiles and profile keys with no IT involvement
    • Content authors use the Content Editor to assign values to the contents of each web page
  • Sitecore Engagement Analytics accumulates a profile score for each visitor
    • Score is based on the values assigned to the content they view
    • Provides a range of standard reports that can be run right out of the box
  • Identify and track anonymous visitors so sales has their entire interaction history as soon as they become known
    • Assign values to interactions so scores are indicative of a visitor’s interest  
    • Easily tag and monitor each interaction building a progressive profile of a prospect