Sitecore for Salesforce

Sitecore for Salesforce (SFDC) CRM

  • An online web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service from
  • Captures and organizes communications and information from current or prospective customers
  • Information comes from many departments across a company
  • Contains a number of related applications that run in the cloud
    • Sales Cloud
      • Potentially can provide sales folk with a complete customer profile and account history
      • Can be used to manage marketing campaign spending and performance across a variety of channels
      • Can be used to track milestones, decision makers, customer communications, and any other information unique to the company's sales process
      • Automatic email reminders can be scheduled to keep teams up-to-date on the latest information
    • Service Cloud
      • Provides companies with a call center-like view
      • Enables companies to create and track cases coming in from every channel

Sitecore for Salesforce (S4S)

  • A set of software connectors that enable Sitecore users to exchange information with Salesforce
  • Integration between Sitecore and Salesforce is performed by four individual connectors
    • S4S Security Connector
      • Provides custom ASP.NET Security Providers (Membership, Role and Profile)
      • Uses the Salesforce Partner API
      • Exposes Salesforce contacts and accounts as Sitecore users and roles
      • Useful for companies that require Sitecore logins for their Salesforce contacts
    • S4S Data Connector
      • Supports bidirectional data transfers between Sitecore and Salesforce
      • Permits lead capture from Contact Us forms, Registration forms and other forms
      • Allows the data from any form to be saved to any object in Salesforce
      • Forms can be pre-populated with data from Salesforce
    • S4S Reports Connector
      • Displays Salesforce reports and dashboard components inside Sitecore
      • Any graphical Salesforce dashboard component can be made visible in Sitecore
      • Can also provide access to Salesforce report data
      • Keeps everything up to date with changes in the Salesforce data
    • S4S OMS Connector
      • Displays web site analytics in Salesforce
      • Copies generic site information to Salesforce
      • Copies the analytics associated with individual users or roles to Salesforce