Social Bookmarks

Social Bookmarks

Social BookmarksTerminology

  • Chicklet (chiclet)-a small icon to indicate the availability of an RSS feed, or to allow users to share the content via social media
  • Gadget - a JavaScript, CSS snippet, or other dynamic content that can be embedded on a web pageand used without further configuration
  • Widget- a reusable elementthat displays an information arrangement and provides standardized data manipulation

AddThis Widget

  • A widely used social bookmarking service
  • Can be integrated into a website with the use of a web widget
  • Visitors can bookmark items using Facebook,Google Bookmarks, Twitter, and other services
  • Can be obtained from

ShareThis Widget

  • Enables and encourages visitorsto share content on the Web
  • Can keep an account of personal contacts so that users caneasily sendfavorite links to friends
  • The button can be deployed on any site to drive traffic and track the sharing of content
  • Can be obtained from

Social Bookmarks Guidelines

  • Pick a prominent position for the social bookmark chicklets
  • Place social bookmark chicklets near the top of the page
  • Place sharing chicklets near the content being shared
  • Use personalization with service icons