Sitecore Analytics

Sitecore Analytics

Sitecore Engagement Analytics

  • Classify visitors as coming from your own company, competitors, robots, etc.
  • Create rules that determine which content is shown to different site visitors
  • Supports both online campaigns and offline campaigns
  • Contains an MV Test report that is used to evaluate multivariate tests
  • Records a conversion when a visitor navigates to a page that has an assigned goal
  • Tracks events and records page failures
  • Generates the campaign and conversion tracking reports
  • Stores Lead Reports under the Sales node
  • Lead scores of each visitor are shown in the session trail

Engagement Analytics Tracking

  • Every page the visitor views
  • The searches performed by the visitor
  • The pages the visitor searched from
  • The number of hits the visitor got for each search
  • The number of errors the visitor received as they navigated the site

Engagement Analytics Events

  • Triggered when visitors achieve certain objectives on the site
  • Tracked in Sitecore Analytics to monitor user activity on a site
  • Help create a picture of visitor behavior as they navigate the site

Engagement Analytics Guidelines

  • Identify traffic types with both low and high relevance when analyzing traffic types