Tracking Downloads

Tracking Downloads

Tracking File Downloads

  • The creation of the tracker object is implied with the new Google Analytics asynchronous syntax
  • The _setAccount method is used to set the web property ID for the tracker

Using a Virtual Pageview

  • Use the _trackPageview() function to assign a path/page name to the link
  • Clicks on these links add to the overall pageview count for the site
  • Any goal that you set for such links must be URL Destination goals
  • Useful if you want to create virtual directory structures for your download files

Using Event Tracking

  • Use the _trackEvent() function to set up categories, actions and labels for each file download to be tracked
  • Clicks on these links do not count towards the overall pageview count for the site
  • Use Event goals to create goals for these types of links
  • Useful if you want to configure category, action and label segments for each link