Tracking Issues

Tracking Issues

General Tracking Issues

  • Visit Metrics are more accurate than unique visitor metrics
  • Multiple users can share the same computer without logging out
  • Same user with multiple computers gets counted multiple times
  • Same user on different browsers gets counted multiple times
  • Cookie deletions, browser re-installs, OS upgrades, new hardware impact stats

Cookie Tracking Issues

  • Used to track users because cookies can be disabled on a browser
  • Antivirus software can remove analytics cookies
  • Any user can delete or modify cookies

JavaScript Tracking Issues

  • Javascript can be disabled on a browser
  • Any Javascript errors on a page will prevent a tag below it from executing
  • Some older mobile phones do not understand Javascript

Client Tag Tracking Issues

  • Firewalls can restrict or block tags from sending data to web servers
  • Tags must be added to each page - no data for pages with missing tags
  • Cannot be used to track bandwidth
  • Cannot distinguish between partial and completed downloads
  • Visitors can click on another page before the tag has loaded to collect data

Server Log Tracking Issues

  • Browser requests fulfilled from a client or proxy cache are not recorded
  • Ajax, JavaScript, and other client-side events cannot be tracked
  • Cannot distinguish traffic from spiders and robots
  • ISPs sometimes reassign IP addresses to users