Visitor Tracking

Visitor Tracking


  • All the actions a visitor takes from the moment they enter a website until they leave
    • Pages viewed
    • Resources consumed
    • Campaigns triggered
    • Conversions achieved

Visitor Segmentation

  • Engagement Analytics segments visits by traffic sources or channels

Channel Examples

  • Paid traffic (Banner or AdWords) - originates from a visitor clicking on a sponsored link
  • Organic search - searches for a term without using a company name or brand name
  • Organic branded search - searches for a term including a company or brand name
  • Email - originates from a link contained in one of your own email campaigns
  • Referred (Community or Social) - originates from a social networking site

Visitor Tracking Guidelines

  • Focus on measuring trends rather than precise numbers
  • Use tools that employ first-party cookies instead of third-party cookies
  • Do not employ IP addresses for visitor identifiers
  • Use tools that remove or separate all non-human activity from data reports
  • Use tools that track all pages, not just landing pages
  • Review your site regularly for missing page tags
  • Display a clear and concise privacy policy
  • Verify that all paid online campaigns use tracking URLs
  • Test URLs to verify they contain tracking parameters