Form Submission

Form Submission

Submit Buttons

  • Each WFFM form includes one submit button that cannot be disabled or removed
  • Used to submit the data on the form and perform some actions with it
  • Submit buttons can be easily configured for behaviors common to form submissions
    • Form Verification
    • Save Actions
    • Success Display

Form Verification

  • The first action performed when a Submit button is clicked
  • Used to verify the values that have been entered in one or more fields on the form
  • The visitor is returned to the form when form verification fails
    • A custom error message can be displayed for each verification
    • The error message is displayed only when the verification fails
  • WFFM includes three built-in form verifications
    • 'Check User and Password' verifies the user name and password of the user
    • 'Is User in Role' verifies the user is in the specified role
    • 'User Exists' verifies the user has previously been created as a Sitecore user

Save Actions

  • Actions to be performed when the visitor clicks the Submit button and all form verifications are successfully completed
  • They do not return the visitor to the form if they fail
  • WFFM includes seventeen default Save Actions
    • Change Password
    • Enroll in Engagement Plan
    • Create Item
    • Create User
    • Edit Role in Membership
    • Logout
    • User Login
    • User Login with Password
    • Save to Database
    • Send Email Campaign Message
    • Send Email Message
    • Send MMS
    • Send SMS
    • Subscribe to Target Audience
    • Tell a Friend
    • Register a Conversion
    • Register a Campaign

Field Conditions

  • A restriction assigned to a Save Action so that it is only performed if the visitor selects certain values from the form fields
    • Field conditions contain all the form list fields and check boxes
    • You must specify the condition that must be fulfilled before a Save Action is performed
  • WFFM contains five built-in Save Actions with field conditions
    • Edit Role Membership (Change Role Membership field)
    • Register a Conversion (Register Conversion field)
    • Send SMS (Send Message field)
    • Send MMS (Send Message field)
    • Enroll in Engagement Plan

Save Action Error Messages

  • An error message is displayed when a Save Action fails
  • The default message is 'We experienced a technical difficulty while processing your request. Your data may not have been correctly saved'
  • Use the Save Actions Error Messages tab to create custom error messages for each failed Save Action

Success Display

  • Success Page displays the specified page upon successful submission of the form
  • Success Message displays the specified text upon successful submission of the form