Web Forms For Marketers (WFFM)

  • A Sitecore module that makes it easy to create Web Forms (Webforms) on a Sitecore site
  • Users can use the Page Editor or the Content Editor to create new forms
  • Provides analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Stores all entered data even when the form is not successfully submitted
  • Integrated with the Sitecore Engagement Analytics in Sitecore CMS 6.5

WFFM Basic Options

  • Creating basic input fields
    • Text boxes
    • Check boxes
  • Creating basic actions
    • Saving to a database
    • Sending an e-mail
  • Creating validators
    • RequiredField validator
    • Email address validator
    • Other basic validators

WFFM Components

  • Content Tree
    • Used to store definition items for the form structures
    • New forms are stored according to the /sitecore/sites/site/formsRoot setting in the web.config file
    • Form folder items are of type /sitecore/Templates/Web Forms for Marketers/Forms Folder
    • Form items are of type /sitecore/Templates/Web Forms for Marketers/Form
  • File System
    • Used to store files related to the forms
    • Location is /sitecore/System/Modules/Web Forms for Marketers
  • Sitecore_WebForms Database
    • Used to store user data entered into the forms
    • Located in the Website/data folder
    • You can specify the database type in the forms.config file
      • SQLite is used by default
      • Comment the SQLite section and uncomment the MSSQL section to use MSSQL
    • Name was Sitecore.WebForms in earlier versions of WFFM
  • Forms.config File
    • Configuration file for WFFM settings
    • Located in the <website>/app_config/include folder

WFFM Actions

  • Executed on the server
  • Every form contains a submit button for associating actions
  • Available actions listed at /sitecore/System/Modules/Web Forms for Marketers/Settings/Actions folder