• A named location on a layout or sublayout where control(s) can be added as the page is built
  • Serves as an anchor point for other presentation objects
  • Marks a location on a layout or sublayout for the dynamic placement of controls – use Presentation Layout Details to configure
  • A Sitecore web control that can be statically referenced on layouts and sublayouts
  • Used to represent regions of a reusable layout or sublayout in which different components execute for different requests
  • Used to dynamically bind controls that only appear in some pages so developers can reuse the layout or sublayout with other renderings
  • Frequent use of placeholders and dynamic controls results in fewer layouts

Placeholder Benefits

  • Consistency leads to usability, and usability leads to return visitors
  • Developers achieve consistency through content and code reuse
  • Placeholders maximize consistency while minimizing development and maintenance through reuse of presentation components across various types of content and even different logical sites
  • Do not confuse Sitecore placeholders with content placeholders used in ASP.NET master pages

Placeholder Attributes

  • runat="server"
  • ID="name"
  • Key="name"

Placeholder Keys

  • Controls bind to placeholders by using the “key” attribute
  • Dynamically bound controls must be configured with the placeholder key attribute at the time of binding
  • The layout engine dynamically substitutes named placeholders with the various sublayouts and renderings associated with that key in the layout details for the requested item