Architecture Factors

Architecture Factors

Information Architecture (IA)

  • The art and science of organizing information to help people fulfill their information needs effectively
  • The structural design of shared information environments
  • The categorization of information into a coherent structure that is easy to understand
  • The structure and classification of content to support findability and usability

Bottom Up IA

  • An information architecture based on an understanding of the content, indexes, site maps, and other tools used to access that content
  • Involves the creation of attribute and attribute values for content objects, the databases that contain them, and their management procedures

Top Down IA

  • An information architecture based on an understanding of the context of the content and the user needs
  • This involves determining the scope of the site and the creation of blueprints and mockups detailing the grouping and labeling of content areas

Sitecore IA

  • The backbone or your website and an organizing principal behind your CMS

Sitecore IA Factors

  1. Business Requirements
    • Navigation
    • Metadata
    • Usability testing
    • Usage analysis
    • Search facilities
  2. Resources
    • Time and materials
    • Stakeholder involvement
    • Internal developers and designers
    • External developers and designers
  3. Data Templates and Standard Values
    • Naming Conventions
    • Template inheritance
      • Default values
      • Rendering Settings
      • Insert Options Settings
      • Workflow Settings
  4. Content Items
    • Content Types
    • Taxonomy
  5. Layouts and Presentation
    • Naming Conventions
    • Dynamic/Static Bindings
    • Placeholder settings
    • Reuse
  6. Access Control
    • Content access
    • Metadata access
    • UI Tools access
  7. General IA Risks

    • Content Lacks Prioritization
    • No common content structure
    • Site structure reflects company structure instead of content types
    • Navigation across the site is not consistent

    Sitecore IA Risks

    • Placeholders are not used so layouts and sublayouts cannot be reused
    • Template inheritance is not implemented so there are many duplicate fields and settings
    • Naming conventions for controls are not implemented so control names are not intuitive