Data Infrastructure

Data Infrastructure

Data Infrastructure

  • Describes how the data repository is structured prior to content creation
  • Components are defined through the Template Manager, a browser-based tool
  • All content is stored as text in Sitecore databases

Data Infrastructure Components

  • Content Items contain the content for the site
  • Data Templates provide the structure for content items
  • Template Sections are used to organize template fields into groupings 
  • Template Fields are elements within a data template that control the data entered into the system
  • Field Types are used to define a field and control the type of data that can be entered or selected for the field

Data Repository

  • Consists of Content and Metadata
  • Stored in SQL Server or another relational database
  • Represented in memory as an XML structure
  • Displayed in Sitecore tools as the Content Tree


  • Defines data entered by a business user or an end user
  • Infrastructure provided by Content Tree
  • Framework provided by data templates
  • Structure provided by sections and fields
  • Management provided by Sitecore tools like Content Editor
  • Validation provided at multiple points in Sitecore