Content Tree

Content Tree

Content Tree

  • A hierarchical collection of data associated with the system
  • All data is managed in the Content Tree
  • Provides a tree-structured view of content, metadata items, media items, and system settings

Content Tree Nodes

  • Nodes in the content tree correspond to items on the Web site
  • Any node can be a container for child nodes
  • Any node that contains child nodes can be expanded to reveal the child items 
  • Items can be located by expanding and collapsing nodes

Design Considerations

  • Architectural issues address the basic organizational framework of the site content
  • User-interface issues address how Content Tree structure impacts business users
  • Presentation issues address how Content Tree structure impacts the rendering of data
  • Development issues address how Content Tree structure impacts development process

Content Items

  • An addressable unit of content
  • Often equate to a page on the site when not storing metadata, media items, or system settings
  • Defined by a data template
  • Consist of fields organized by sections

Content Tree Paths

  • /sitecore/Content is where business users manage content
  • /sitecore/Layout is where developers manage presentation components
  • /sitecore/Media Library is where web designers manage media items
  • /sitecore/System is where devlopers manage system components
  • /sitecore/Templates is where developers manage data templates

System Items

  • Contain a definition item that provides system configuration information, such as a language definition