• The property of an item that contains a Globally Unique Identifier
  • An identifying string that contains five sets of alphanumeric characters separated by dashes
  • Created by combining a representation of the physical address of the network card and a representation of the system timestamp when the GUID was generated

Sample GUIDs

  • The GUID for the item that represents this page is {FA07A22A-22FC-4839-B1D3-EABF5B74D012}
  • The GUID for the banner image on this page is {1E0BDA21-17B6-46E2-BAAF-2AE926E88FC8}

Sitecore GUIDs

  • Every item in the Content Tree is assigned a GUID at the time the item is created
  • Old GUIDs are not reused when an item is deleted and recreated
  • Recreated items are assigned a new GUID

Sitecore GUIDs Guidelines

  • Use GUIDs to reference items in code and source properties of fields instead of path / name
    • Improved performance
    • Prevents breakage when item is moved in the Content Tree