Template Types

Template Types

Template Types

  • Data Templates
  • Branch Templates
  • Command Templates

Data Templates

  • The type of template that defines the fields and sections associated with a type of item
  • The simplest and most commonly used type of template

Branch Templates

  • A group of items and sub-items that business users can create by selecting a single insert option
  • Defines a relationship, usually parent/child, between two or more existing data templates
  • Used to simplify the creation of new blueprints for complete sites, microsites or branches of the Content Tree

Command Templates

  • A type of template used to create items from logic instead of using predefined sections and fields
  • A method is called when the user selects a corresponding Insert Option
  • The method is used to automate the process of creating the appropriate items
  • The business user is asked questions through dialog boxes or a wizard

Sitecore Tools that support all Sitecore Templates

  • Page Editor
  • Content Editor
  • Template Manager