Web Deploy

Web Deploy

Web Deploy

  • Microsoft tool that extends the functionality of Internet Information Server (IIS)
  • Simplifies migrations and deployments of IIS servers, applications and sites
  • Enables Web admins to synchronize servers, applications, and sites in server farms
  • Detects differences between source and destination content and transfers only those changes that need synchronization

Web Deploy Offline Mode

  • Installs the Web Deploy tool without the service
  • Requires admins to manually migrate files and settings from one server to another
  • Admins create a local copy of a site or server, then manually copy this “snapshot” to the destination
  • Avoid this type of Web Deploy installation on Sitecore systems

Web Deploy in Sitecore

  • The automated deployment of file system changes from a CMS to a CDS
  • Supports the /App_Data/MediaFiles folder, including subfolders, which contains media items uploaded to the Media Library as files
  • Supports the /App_Config/Security folder, which contains security domain configuration files
  • No other Sitecore folders are supported because it can lead to conflicts with ASP.NET

Sitecore Usage of DFS and Web Deploy

  • Distribute File System (DFS) is generally used for local file system synchronization
  • Use DFS to replicate file system changes bidirectionally among servers in the same Windows domain
    • Between multiple instances of Content Management Servers (CMS) on the same network
    • Between multiple instances of Content Delivery Servers (CDS) on the same network
  • Web Deploy is used for remote file system synchronization between servers in different domains
  • Use Web Deploy to transfer changes from a CMS environment to a CDS environment 
    • Servers can be on the same network or separate networks
    • Changes are replicated from the CMS server to the CDS server in one direction only