Version Policy

Version Policy

Sitecore's Version Policy

  • Sitecore has a very agile approach to development, and releases a steady stream of updates and feature releases
  • New versions of Sitecore CMS do not immediately become the recommended version
  • Sitecore only assigns the “Recommended Version” stamp to specific, carefully selected releases
  • Sitecore fully supports every new release including those that aren’t recommended versions

Sitecore’s Product Version Numbering

  • Every Sitecore product contains version numbering <Level 1>.<Level 2>.<Level 3> (rev. <Level 4>), for example Sitecore_6.5.0_rev._110818
    • Changes to <Level 1> numbering specifies a major new version of the product
    • Changes to <Level 2> numbering specifies a release that introduces new features, which are typically UI changes and updates to XSLT files, ASPX files, or APIs
    • Changes to <Level 3> numbering specifies a release that contains minor structural changes
    • Changes to (rev. <Level 4>) numbering is a date and specifies a release that contains bug fixes