Kick Page

Kick Page

Sitecore Kick Page - Kick.aspx

  • A standalone web form that is included with a base Sitecore installation
  • Located at http://<website>/sitecore/shell/applications/login/users/kick.aspx
  • Used to manage logons to the Sitecore UI
    • Lists logged on users
    • Shows users that have been inactive for some time
    • Shows users who are logged in more than once
    • Provides a button to kick users off of the system so licenses can be used to log on other users

Kick Page Display

Sitecore Kick Page Caveats

  • The Kick page does not display any users if the person viewing the Kick page is not themselves logged on to the Sitecore UI
  • Log on to the Sitecore UI as an admin and then open the Kick page in another browser tab to view the other connected users