Multiple Sites

Multiple Sites

Multiple Sites

  • The Sitecore Content Tree can support multiple web sites
  • All of the sites can be managed within a single Sitecore instance
  • This is useful when multiple web properties share the same content or media

Creating Additional Web Sites

  1. Modify the <sites> section of the web.config file by copying the existing 'website' site and adding a hostname attribute for the new site
  2. Create a new entry in the hosts file using the host name you specified in the web.config and assign it to
  3. Create a new site in IIS for the new web site  with the same physical path as your existing 'website' site and the hostname you specified for the new site in the web.config
  4. Configure the Application Pool for the new site, i.e. pool name, .NET 4.0, etc.

Site Resolving

  • Setting in web.config that enables the link manager to resolve the target site for a link when more than one site is hosted in the Content Tree
  • Can be set to false when the Content Tree only supports one site

Sites Guidelines

  • Do not modify the default sites in web.config to create a new site
  • Always add declarations for new sites in the web.config earlier than <site name="website">

Multiple Sites Manager Tool

  • A Shared Source module available at
  • Used to add and configure multiple sites from inside the client without editing the web.config file
  • Can be used when the content management site and content delivery site are located on the same server hardware

Sitecore Foundry

  • A Sitecore product that can be used to manage hundreds or thousands of affiliated websites from a central location
  • Provides delegated and distributed site management to individual site owners or groups
  • Site maintenance can be performed by a designated local site manager or a central administrator
  • A Site Wizard is used to make changes to a sites design within a designated set of choices
  • Documentation is available at
  • <configuration>
    • <sitecore>
      • <settings>
        • <setting name="Rendering.SiteResolving" value="true" />