Access Overview

Access Overview

Access Control

  • Determines who has access to Sitecore UI tools and items in the Content Tree 
  • Controls access to items and the actions that can be performed on those items
  • Implemented using user accounts and roles assigned to security domains
  • Full account names are displayed using <domainname>\<accountname>

Implementing Access Control

  • Use Sitecore Client Roles to control access to the client tools
  • Use Content Roles to control access to content items

Guidelines for Sitecore Access Control

  • Generaly assign access rights to roles, not user accounts
  • Limit access to the parts of the Content Tree that are relevant to the logged-on user
    • Allows users to focus only on what is relevant for them
    • Provides performance benefits by reducing the number of items that need to be rendered
  • Restrict access to unused ribbon tabs by disabling features that are not relevant to the user