Inline Linking

Inline Linking

Inline Linking (aka Hotlinking)

  • Creating links to images on remote sites for display on the local site
  • The local site is said to have an inline link to the remote site where the image is located
  • Detection occurs from the appearance of strange and unfamiliar web sites in the referer logs of the remote site

Avoiding Inline Linking to Images on Remote Sites

  • Inline links are often considered "leeching"
  • Copyrighted images could be displayed without obtaining an acceptable license
  • The performance of the local site could be impacted when the remote site is slow 

Preventing Inline Linking of Your Images

  • You may not appreciate the new placement of the image on the other site
  • May increase the bandwidth use of your site while your site is not being viewed as intended
  • Could result in an unnecessary increase in resource consumption (processor, memory, etc) of your server(s)

Steps to Stop Image Leeching

  1. Enable Request Filtering in the Internet Information Services =>World Wide Web Services=>Security section in "Turn Windows Features on or off"
  2.  Use the Rules tab of the Request Filtering feature of IIS7 to create the following rule: